Top 1% In the Nation

Insight Homes has won the U.S. Department of Energy's Housing Innovation Award 5 years in a row and has been named #1 IN THE NATION for building the most ZERH Certified Homes 3 years in a row.
That makes us the ONLY Delaware Builder to be awarded both of these honors.
US Department of Energy
US DOE Zero Energy Ready Home
EPA Indoor airPLUS Qualified Homes
NGBS Home Innovation Green Certified
Builders and Remodelers of Delaware Member
U.S. Department of Energy: The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH): The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) recognizes builders for their leadership in increasing energy efficiency, improving indoor air quality, and making homes zero energy ready. The program builds upon the comprehensive building science requirements of ENERGY STAR® for Homes, along with proven Building America innovations and best practices. The aim of DOE’s ZERH is to enable the construction of houses that are "so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of [their] annual energy consumption."

EPA Indoor airPLUS: Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve the Indoor Air Quality by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants.

National Green Building Standard (NGBS): The NGBS provides a blueprint for builders to follow for the design and construction of new and renovated single-family homes and multifamily apartment buildings. Green homes are designed and constructed to be healthier, more comfortable, have lower operating costs, be more durable, require less maintenance, and be part of a sustainable lifestyle. The builder of a green home incorporates advanced building science and products so that the home performs better than a code-minimum home. NGBS Green Certified Homes are designed and constructed to a higher standard.

ENERGY STAR: ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). Its goal is to help consumers, businesses, and industry save money and protect the environment through the adoption of energy-efficient products and practices.

Home Builders Association of Delaware (HBADE): A professional association of industry leaders who are committed to excellence through their support of legislative, educational and economic initiatives to promote Delaware’s economic well-being and quality of life. It has been an integral part of the growth and economic development of the State since 1947 and its membership makes up a substantial portion of the workforce and touches virtually every aspect of the Delaware economy.

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