4 Reasons to Choose Insight Homes to Build Your Dream Home in Delaware

Congratulations – you’re ready to live the American dream and own a home! One of the first and most basic questions many ask is if they should buy a home or build one. While building a home may seem complex, the right home builder will make the process a breeze!

Building your own home has many advantages that are often overlooked. By doing so, you can determine the location of your property, choose the design and layout, save money with new systems, and the construction materials and building code will be up to the latest safety standards or in some cases, far exceed them, saving money over the long term.

But where do you even begin? At Insight Homes, our mission is to build you a better house. Not just a good house, but one where every system, tool and technique has been rethought.

We Build Homes that Last

The repairs and maintenance needed over time can make homes very costly. However, all of our homes are built with superior structural and exterior features to make them last longer. Features include a poured concrete foundation, premium vinyl siding, 30-year architectural roof shingles and much more. Take for example other home builders: you’ll often see lumber for new homes exposed to the elements where those materials are subjected to rain, the heat, cold temperatures and even have the possibility of sprouting mold before they make their way into construction. This type of lumber storage can call for bowing in the wood, crooked pieces and the invitation of termites.

You’ll immediately notice the Insight difference: we create all of our framing walls in a temperature-controlled warehouse that protects them from the elements – this means when they arrive at the construction site, they are ready to be pieced together immediately. This process saves the integrity of the lumber and makes the building process much more efficient. However, don’t be confused with modular homes that arrive via truck bed. Our homes are completely customizable and we just take the extra precautionary step to preserve the lumbers integrity.

We Build Where You Want

Location, location, location! You may have uttered those words yourself because the location of a home is one of the biggest factors when choosing a home. When you opt for Insight Homes you get the value of picking where you want to live. You can choose from one of our many communities throughout Delaware or have us build on your lot. The choice is yours and we provide you with “off-site” specialists that can help you search for a stand-alone lot or an available space in one of our communities.

We Care About the Environment

Today, everyone is looking for ways to go green and help the environment. At Insight, we take pride in leading this movement by building our homes with environmentally friendly products that will create better air quality and help conserve energy and domestic raw materials. For instance, the type of carpets we use are made with recycled plastic bottles – you wouldn’t know that by feeling it or by looking at it!

Working With Our Lender

If you never have built a new home before, you may be shocked when it comes to understanding the mortgage and financing process. Traditionally, other home builders will have you purchase the lot you will be building on, and that typically requires you to immediately buy it outright. Then, you will have to take out a construction loan that requires 20% down and make interest payments on that construction loan while your home is being built. On top of this, you still have to have a roof over your head which means you will still be making your rent or mortgage payments at your current residence. Sounds pretty pricey because it is!

However, you don’t experience this type of monetary struggle when you choose Insight Homes. We work with our lender to make our homes a packaged deal meaning it mimics a traditional mortgage with only 10% down. Why deal with the frustrations of other homebuilders and finding money upfront just for an empty lot? With us, we take care of you and make sure you can afford a new home!

Contact us at Insight Homes today to learn more or take a look at our new homes for sale in Delaware. We offer various models and standard premium features that will please every prospective homeowner. Let us help your dreams come to life!