Beating Memorial Day Traffic to the Delaware Beaches

Heading to the beach this Memorial Day Weekend? You’re not alone! As thousands of people head for the shore this holiday weekend, beat some of the traffic with these tips!


Your best bet to beat traffic heading to the beach is to leave really early Friday (as in, on the road by 6 am) or wait until later Friday evening. If you can leave Thursday and work remotely from the beach on Friday, even better.

Coming home, everyone will be checking out of their hotels around the same time (10-11 am). Some people might be leaving even earlier to make it home in time for their neighborhood Memorial Day BBQ. Unless you plan on leaving really early on Monday, you may want to spend the day on the beach and head home in the evening.



Coming from the west, you may be heading over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Route 50 and then catching Route 404 to the beach. Check traffic before you go. If the bridge is already backed up, bypass it by heading up 95 into Delaware and then take Route 1 down to the beaches.  


E-Z Pass

If you know you’ll be heading over the Bay Bridge, an E-Z Pass is a must. Forget waiting in line and fishing around your car to find the right change for the toll. The Bay Bridge toll plaza has dedicated E-Z Pass lanes that will save you time.