Best Places to Get Beach House Furniture

As summer comes to an end, it is the perfect time to purchase beach house furniture and scope out some sales! While there are some bigger chains near Insight homes such as Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s, etc., it is nice to visit some unique shops for the great steals. Here are some near your Insight home that you’ve gotta check out.

Creative Concepts

“Where Concepts Become Reality. . . ” You will gain more added value by having their design consultants help you with your design project. They will assist you every step of the way, whether you are shopping for an entire house of furniture or just looking for one accent piece. We reached out to Creative Concept’s Marketing Specialist, Liz Kain-Bolen, and she said their design consultants had these hot tips on how to decorate your beach home:

  • Steve Ortleib: “When decorating your beach home it’s best to start with neutral colors and tones then add in colorful, coastal accessories to bring in the beach house feel.”
  • Eileen Berkely: “A great way to bring the beach feel to your home is to add some unique “beachy” artwork or fun coastal accessories to your existing style.”

It’s no wonder they were one of Coastal Magazine’s favorites in 2015. They have an Ocean View and a Lewes location, so stop by for your beach house furniture before all the best pieces go!

Perfect Furnishings

Located right in Bethany Beach and one of Coastal Magazine’s favorites this year, Perfect Furnishings has everything you need for your beach house. Whether it’s acoral patterned rugor anoyster chandelier, Perfect Furnishings has a ton of unique pieces. You can’t miss their great furnishings and accents.


Su Casa

Another great place to check out beach furniture is Su Casa, which is also located in Bethany Beach. They carry styles that run from classic, hand-carved, solid wood to sleek mixed materials like steel and glass and everything in between. As to tips to decorating your beach house, Nick Johnson, Owner of Su Casa Furntiure, said they generally offer the following advice:

“Decide whether you want your beach home to be an escape from your everyday taste or if you want to incorporate your everyday style into living there. The one-liner is “Is it a beach house or your home at the beach?” Once you decide whether you’re trying for a beach destination or a place you feel comfortable everyday, you can follow that theme to completion. These days, especially near our stores, more and more people are retiring to the beach, so they are living in a home at the beach not a beach house. To that end, they’d rather have an everyday style that they find comfortable in.”

Pick up your gorgeous beach house or home at the beach furniture here before the season ends! Another great time to stop on by and visit them is when they hold their warehouse sale in January!

Now that you have some great places right near your Insight home in Bethany Beach or the Lewes area, you can go all out with your beach house furniture and accents, or another style that you find at some of these great stores. Either way, these great places are must-goes when personalizing your Insight home with homey touches.