Day Trips in Delaware, Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries

Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries in Delaware 


Well known for its many beaches, Delaware is also home to over 27 craft breweries, 5 wineries, and 6 distilleries! If you're like many others around the world today and want to try some craft beer or snap a few pictures of a beautiful vineyard, Delaware is just the place for you! Delaware has been recognized for its craft breweries for centuries. No matter where you are in the state, there is a brewery, winery, or distillery for you. 


When the beers are local they are better! Delaware local craft breweries are scattered across the state ranging from Wilmington to Frankford. One of the most popular is Dogfish Head Brewery which opened in 1995 and currently produces 262,000 barrels of beer annually. With that being said, you're sure to find endless amounts of great beer while you're here in Delaware! Here are some other breweries around the state: 

  • Big Oyster Brewery- Lewes DE

  • Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company- Dover DE 

  • Bricks Works Brewing and Eats- Long Neck- Millsboro DE

  • The Brimming Horn Meadery- Milton DE

  • Thompson Island Brewing Company- Rehoboth DE

  • Autumn Arch Beer Project- Newark DE

  • Blue Earl Brewing Company- Smyrna DE

  • Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant- Rehoboth DE

  • Dogfish Brewing & Eats- Rehoboth DE

  • Dew Point Brewing Company- Yorklyn DE

  • Stitch House Brewery- Wilmington DE

  • Bellefonte Brewing Company-Wilmington DE

  • Dewey Beer Co.- Dewey DE

  • Argilla Brewing Co. @ Pietros Pizza- Newark DE

  • Midnight Oil Brewing Company-Newark DE

  • Volunteer Brewing Company-Middletown DE 

  • Crooked Hammock Brewery- Middletown DE


If beer isn't your thing but wine is, Delaware has plenty of wineries to choose from too! Whether it's for a tasting, the atmosphere, or just a nice evening out, there are several options for you! Most of the wineries in the area offer tours and tastings so that you can get the full experience of their vineyards. Similar to many places across the country, this is a popular activity for a Saturday afternoon in Delaware! Some of these wineries in the area include: 

  • Pizzaldi Vineyard & Winery- Felton DE

  • Salted Vineyard & Winery- Frankford DE

  • Nassau Valley Vineyards Winery- Lewes DE

  • Harvest Ridge Winery-Marydel DE

  • Rebel Seed Cider- Marydel DE


While the local breweries and wineries are impressive, the distilleries in the area are award-winning as well! One of the most popular is the Beach Time Distillery located in Lewes, DE. Beach Time has been creating handcrafted spirits since 2015 and has since been recognized by the American Craft Spirits Association several times. Their Beach Fin Gin and Beach Fire Spiced Rum have won several bronze and silver awards in the annual judging of craft spirits. More delicious and entertaining distilleries are listed below: 

  • Dogfish Head Distilling- Rehoboth DE

  • Painted Stave Distilling- Smyrna DE

  • Beach Time Distilling- Nassau DE

  • EasySpeak Spirits- Milford DE

  • Diamante Distilling- Bear DE

  • Feebs Distilling Company- Milford DE

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience all of these wonderful places while living in the great state of Delaware! You are sure to make many memories that will last a lifetime!