Delaware Bike Trails

Going on a bike path is a great way to get outside this summer. Looking for the perfect trail for you near your Insight Home? Here are some wonderful trails near different communities of Insight Homes.

Junction & Breakwater Trail

While on this trail, you can see the sign for the Showfield Community, a community in which our homes can be built. The trail is mostly crushed stone, except for the last 0.2 mile near Rehoboth, when it becomes asphalt. This trail is incredibly close by and it has great scenic views of farmlands and wetlands. Junction & Breakwater Trail provides a great getaway from the nearby shopping and beach areas. For more information on the trail and how to get there, visit thissite.

Prickly Pear Trail

Another great trail for a bike ride is Prickly Pear Trail. This particular trail is right near our locations in and around Bethany Beach, in Delaware Seashore State Park’s Fresh Pond area. The trail runs through forest and open meadows and some parts of the trail have a crushed stone surface, but other parts propose more of a challenge for bikers to put the pedal to the medal on sand surfaces. For more information on Prickly Pear Trail, visit thewebsite.

Loblolly Trail

Insight’s locations in Cypress Pointe are just a hop, skip, and a jump from Loblolly Trail, which wraps around a 90 acre pond. This trail also passes by Trap Pond camping area, and is surrounded by the beauty of nature and cypress trees. Visit thiswebsitefor more information of the trail.

What are you waiting for? Grab your helmet, hold on to those handles, put the pedal to the medal, and find some adventure this summer!