Going Green And Saving Green with Insight Homes in Delaware

Nothing is better than saving the environment and saving money! That is why those two things are a winning combination when it comes to Insight Homes and the Delaware Green 4 Green rebate program. The Green 4 Green program offers home buyers a rebate when they purchase GREEN new construction high efficient homes. That means the homes they purchase must meet strict standards when it comes to energy efficiency and has to boast a National Green Building Standard certificate. These standards inspect multiple elements of new home construction that include areas in:

  • Home Health: providing fresh air ventilation to improve indoor air quality, limiting contaminants and pollutants in the home, and preventing moisture problems that could lead to mold or pest infestation.
  • Lower Operating Costs: reduce utility costs with energy-efficient practices; provide educational and technical resources to operate the home at its most optimal level.
  • Sustainable Lifestyle: reduce home maintenance; enhance the durability of the home and preserve natural resources with responsible land development procedures.

Did you know Insight Homes is listed as a certified Green 4 Green Builder? The best part about the rebate is you’ll find beautiful Delaware new homes from Insight Homes that are eligible for the rebate! Also, Insight Homes have more Green 4 Green rebates than any other builder combined. Not only can your new home catch the rebate but you’ll enjoy years of worry-free living because Insight Homes come with warranties and the best amenities around. We are the only home builder in the country to feature the York Affinity Series HVAC system as standard equipment…which means it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have one of the best heating and cool systems on the market. With all the energy-efficient features that are included with all Insight Homes, monthly utility bills average around $100 – even in peak summer and winter months! How about that for savings? Additionally, Insight homes have more Green 4 Green certified homes than any other builder in Delaware. To top it off, Insight Homes offers a variety of houses to choose from in prime locations that are near the beaches, have easy access to shopping areas and even boast great school systems! Going green is easy and choosing Insight Homes is a smart option for all buyers in the market.