Insight Homes of Delaware, named #1 in Nation

Insight Homes named #1 in Nation!

On September 29, 2020, the United States Department of Energy held its annual Zero Energy Ready Home Summit and Award Ceremony.  This prestigious event is open to any and all “Green” builders in the United States. There are rigorous qualifications and inspections that go into having a home “Certified” by the Department of Energy, “The idea behind the ZERH program requirements combine the best of building science with the latest technologies and systems, innovative building practices, and risk management solutions to offer you complete peace of mind,” stated on the DOE website.

Insight Homes in Bridgeville, DE was named the top winner for the year with the most Department of Energy “Certified DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes” for the entire United States.  No other Builders from the area are partners or are recognized by The Department of Energy. Since its inception in 2013, no other builder on the East Coast has ever received this award.  Insight Homes had a record of 244 ZERH certified homes from May 2019 until June 2020. 

“This is a HUGE accomplishment for Insight Homes and the East Coast.  The Department of Energy started this program to challenge builders to build a better house, we are honored to be THE Builder in the area to challenge other builders to be their best. After all, It’s Just A Better House!,” stated Rob Elliott, President, Insight Homes.