Living in Kent County, Delaware

Living in Kent County, Delaware

Delaware is comprised of three counties, New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties.  Kent County, Delaware is the 2nd largest county in Delaware, with the lowest population of the three counties. Kent County has three cities, and 17 towns in its boundaries.  

Kent County is home to vast farmland, as well as 16 outdoor parks, including a water park in Felton.  Historical sites and museums pepper the county such as The Biggs Museum, Delaware Agricultural Museum, and a Colonial market square in Dover called The Green.  Kent County has well rounded events throughout the year such as the Firefly Music Festival in the summer as well as host to two NASCAR races.  

Kent County is often referred to as Central Delaware, due to its location between the City life of New Castle County and the laid back Beach atmosphere of Sussex County. Kent County is just under an hour drive to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and only a three hour drive from New York City.  Living in Kent County Delaware allows you to have Brunch in the City and Dinner on the Beach with plenty of time for exploring in between.  

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