Living in Sussex County

Living in Sussex County

If you love Delaware’s beaches and wetlands, living in Sussex County may be the right choice for you. Sussex County comprises the southern third of Delaware, and features some of the best places to live in the eastern United States. When you build or buy a new home in Sussex County, you'll never be more than a short drive away from great cities and the beautiful Delaware coast.   

Who Lives in Sussex County?

Sussex County is much more rural compared to the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region. Over 200,000 people live in Sussex County, although the population tends to grow during the summer months due to tourism. Throughout the year, Sussex County is home to lots of retirees and families. It’s a popular spot to settle down due toDelaware’s tax advantages and its high-quality public schools.

Cities of Sussex County

The majority of our communities we build in are in the southeastern quadrant of Sussex County. Generally, the population is most dense along the coast, and in cities like Georgetown and Millsboro DE. Between the bigger cities are communities such as theMarina at Pepper’s Creek in Dagsboro, just off the coast of the Indian River Bay. Communities like this give you a remarkable location without having to go too far outside the city, or sacrificing any amenities.

Georgetown is located right in the center of Sussex County, and is a great place to shop, eat, and have fun. You can find unique stores in Georgetown like rustic craft barns and antique shops.

A smaller town at the end of the Indian River Bay, Millsboro is home to the Nanticoke Indian Museum. Though the town is small now, it’s expected to become one of the fastest growing cities in Sussex County in the coming years.

Many of the towns on the Sussex County coast are popular tourist destinations, especially during the summer months. Rehoboth Beach has a huge stretch of beaches and boardwalks that people flock to. Inland, the town is filled with fantastic shops and restaurants like the Dogfish Head gastropub.

Culture of Sussex County

Overall, life in Sussex County shouldn’t be pigeonholed in a way that many coastal areas could be. Lovers of the outdoors can enjoy much more than just the beach, and you can let your adventurous spirit take you inland on kayaking, cycling, and paddle boarding trips. You’ll be immersed in the picturesque forest as you explore the calm waterways.

The abundant space in the region makes Sussex County one of the last few bastions of uncrowded beaches in America. Living in Sussex County is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the Delaware beach air.