Meet the Insight Expert

In order to provide people with great customer service and help them fully understand our innovations with energy-efficient houses, we recruit the best of the best on our team! Buying a home is a big decision, and working with people you know and trust, makes the process easier.  Read on to meet Insight Expert, Heather Phillips, and get to know us before working with us.

Heather Phillips is our Director of Customer Care in our Main Office and has worked with us for many years. When she is not in the office, you can find her relaxing with her family, reading a good book, or cooking up something fantastic in the kitchen! When we asked her what she likes to do when she gets a free evening she said, “I used to enjoy singing (karaoke) before I became a mother, now I enjoy decorating my home for the different seasons and cooking homemade dinners for my family.” When she isn’t cooking up a storm, her favorite spots to grab a bite to eat areBon Appetit RestaurantandOld Mill Crab House– yum!

Heather’s favorite place to go isThe Great Smoky Mountains, which is a National Park, world-renowned for its plant and wildlife diversity and its ancient mountains. This is America’s most visited national park- and this being her favorite place, it’s no wonder that when she took spirit animal quizzes her results were the condor and the eagle. As a condor – you feel attracted to birds and not without reason. Sublime, proud and mighty does he make his circles in the sky. The eagle with his characteristics of courage, strength, far sight and his sharp eyes and even dignity can be seen as the king of the air. We agree with these spirit animal match-ups for Heather, because she is always very observant of our clients’ needs!

Now that you’ve gotten to know Heather, here is why she thinks people should choose Insight Homes:

“People choose Insight Homes because quite simply, they are the best value based on our included standard features, they are extremely comfortable due to our energy efficiency, not to mention beautiful.”
And there you have it- a reason to choose Insight Homes from an expert you know and can trust! Find the perfect, energy-efficientInsight homewith the art of design and the science of comfort.