Sea Witch Festival 2017

Insight is happy to sponsor this year’s Sea Witch Festival, Count Crabula! This event is going on October 27th - 29th and includes a parade and local vendors, along with other beach fun and entertainment. It is celebrated annually in Rehoboth and Dewey Beaches, and brings the community together. Community is something we value and stand behind; it’s one of the reasons we love building in this area. Dan Kauffman (a member of our sales team) says, “This festival really shows what it’s like to live here at the beach full time- technically in the “off” season it allows the local businesses and residents to show their passion for the area.” Damian Jorss (also a member of our sales team) agreed, saying, “A lot of local companies come out. It is a nice time to spend the day at the beach. Also, get there early as it gets crowded quickly.”

To help you plan ahead, we’re going to let you in on some of our secret parking spots that we know of:

  • Dan Kauffman (Community Sales Manager): If you can stand a bit of a walk you can park at theTanger Outletsand pick up theJunction and Breakwater Trailinto Rehoboth. OurShowfield communityis conveniently on a part of that trail in Lewes!
  • Brian Cummings (Offsite Sales Manager): You can park on most of the side streets but I would recommend going early to get a decent spot.
  • Mike Kwiecien (Community Sales Manager): Two blocks South ofFunlandthere are some metered spots, but you still have to get those early, I recommendJolly Trollyfrom Dewey.
  Beverly Cashdollar, one of our Sales Assistants, has been going to the Sea Witch Festival since 1992. She started going with her kids and now she goes with her grandkids. She is a Sea Witch Festival veteran, and was kind enough to share her routine with all her tips and tricks that helps her make the most of this wonderful community event:
  • I arrive on Rehoboth Avenue at 5:45am (no later).
  • I find a spot where I want all of us to sit and double park the car while I unload, chairs, coolers, blankets, etc. and mark my spot (everyone is doing the same thing). If you get there by 6am you might have a hard time finding a spot to set up.
  • If you are planning on leaving right after the parade you don’t want to park on the Avenue (the street is still closed and congested).
  • The best place to view is from the Convention Center to the Beach. If you set up your chairs beyond the convention center you will not see all of the parade since some of the floats and bands come from the side streets.
  • Bathroom lines are always very, very long. If you need to go and don’t want to miss the start of the parade you need to be in line at least a half hour ahead of time.
  • Vendors set up very early. I usually start strolling around 9am to see what freebies are being given out and see what activities are there for the grandkids when they arrive.
  • The best time to actually look at the vendors is while the parade is going on.
  • The parade runs until about 12:30pm. It’s a good idea to bring food and snacks to eat while watching, especially if you have small children. The restaurants are packed so trying to get in after the parade is pretty impossible.
  • Don’t forget extra blankets – the wind can be brutal coming off the ocean.
  • I always bring trash bags to throw on in case it starts to rain.
  Now you have all the tools you need to tackle Count Crabula! Get out to this community event and celebrate being a true local.