Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Insight Home

Spring has finally arrived in Southern Delaware, and the temperatures are finally starting to warm up! Let’s get your Insight home in tip-top shape, to welcome in the new season. Give these spring cleaning hacks a try to make your seasonal deep clean a little easier!

Dust With Fabric Softener Sheets

It’s as if you just dusted off your television and computer screens just yesterday, and they’re already covered in a thin layer of dust. Although every Insight home is built to meet or exceed strict indoor air quality recommendations, these screens naturally attract dust since they’re electrically charged. Dryer sheets are designed to decrease the static in your clothes, so using these scented sheets to clean your screen prevents the dust from resettling, leaving your screen dust-free for several days.

Clean Your Shower Head

Seasonally cleaning your shower heads is a sure way to prevent uneven spraying and mineral deposit buildup in the nozzle. A recent study by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of ColoradoBoulder, found that residential showerheads are often teeming with bacteria that can lead to lung diseases. Luckily for homeowners, there’s a simple remedy! Fill a sturdy plastic bag with vinegar and secure it around your showerhead with a rubber band. Once the shower head has been submerged in vinegar for at least an hour, remove the bag allow the shower to run to clear away any excess vinegar.

Washing Machine Rinse

Keep that new spring wardrobe fresh by giving your washing machine the spring rinse it needs. Using bleach and vinegar in separate hot water cycle washes will clean away bacteria, mold, oil, dirt, soap scum, and mineral deposits from the washer drum and hoses. Insight homeowners should keep in mind that the high-efficiency washing machines use less water and may need to be rinsed at least one month. Follow the Spruce’s step by step guide on How to Clean a Clothes Washer.

Refrigerator Refresh

First thing’s first, clear out everything! Throw away any old or expired food products, and keep the rest of your refrigerated foods in a cooler. Grab your go-to cleaning solution and start cleaning each shelf one by one. Once your refrigerator is thoroughly wiped down, put some thought into the most efficient way to store your food. Think of the products you use the most or try storing your food in zones and compartments by food groups.

Good luck with all your spring cleaning!