The Insight Difference: Foundation and Framing


At Insight Homes, we know that building a better house starts with building a better structure. Let’s start with the foundation.

We start with a poured concrete foundation, which is 3.5x stronger than traditional cinderblock. It’s also less porous, reducing the potential for water infiltration into the crawl space.

Then we apply as asphalt-based moisture-block coat to the outside of the foundation, virtually eliminating the possibility of any water coming into your home.

Finally we line the entire interior wall with 2-inch thick Styrofoam sheathing insulates the crawl space and increases the energy efficiency of the entire house.

Next up is the framing.

In a traditional home, studs in the exterior walls are 16 inches apart, while roof trusses are 24 inches apart.

With our advanced framing system, we space the studs 24 inches apart to match the roof trusses. This makes in Insight Home stronger and more structurally sound.

We also use 2×6 framing lumber. This makes the house stronger and provides more room for insulation in exterior walls. This also leaves more room for insulation in the header of windows and doors, which can provide an additional 200 square feet of insulated wall space. (Have we mentioned how energy-efficient our homes are?!)

We know that to get a superior home you need to start with superior structure, and that’s just what you get with an Insight Home.