The Insight Homes Advantage

When you’re in the market for a new home, there are things to consider before making a purchase like the location, the price and the design. Those three aspects are major concerns to any homebuyer and bundling together a great location, an awesome price and beautiful design is all possible with Insight Homes. An Insight Home is the smart and affordable option in new home buying! With a plethora of new communities emerging all over Delaware, you can be sure to find the next place to call home.

The Difference

Insight Homes are constructed differently compared to other home builders because we have a higher set of standards. We start with the foundation of your new home: we construct every Insight Home with a poured concrete foundation which means it’s 3.5 times stronger than traditional cinder block and less porous. What this means is that our foundation reduces the potential for water infiltration into the crawlspace. We take it a step further by coating the exterior with an asphalt-based mixture that is moisture resistant and we line the entire interior wall with 2 inch thick Styrofoam sheeting that improves insulation.

You won’t find better new homes for sale in Delaware than from Insight Homes because our standard features are considered upgrades with other home builders. For instance, our homes are built to be the most energy efficient houses on the market and all come with numerous standard features that other home builders charge an arm and a leg for. Some amenities include super-efficient low-e windows, high-end GE appliances, the Rinnai on-demand hot water heater and the York system HVAC unit that keeps comfortable temperatures in your home consistent!

Insight Homes are designed with your wallet in mind; we understand all the extra costs it takes to keep a house up and running, this is why, on average, our Insight Homes will have monthly energy bills less than $100 – all year long, even in the middle of summer and winter! For example, one of our customers purchased a new home from a different home builder in 2011 and was disappointed because they were promised low electric bills – that never happened. They sold their home and built a brand new Insight Home which gave them the energy efficiency they wanted! All of Insight Homes will meet a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score of 55 or less and we can guarantee that.

Typically, HERS scores will range from 0 to 150 – the lower the score, the better the energy efficiency and the more savings you will see on your monthly energy bills. Just to put the numbers in perspective, other new homes in Delaware will get a score around 100 and Energy Star homes will get a number around 80. You can already see the Insight Difference just in those numbers. Depending on the Insight Home you choose, your score could be in the 40s!

In addition to these advantages and all of the other wonderful features that Insight Homes provide, every new home comes with a warranty that will give you peace of mind. While you look for new homes for sale in Delaware, take a look at Insight Homes, it’s just a better house!