The Rehoboth Bayfront Awaits – Why Moving Here is a Great Idea

For over a century, Rehoboth, Delaware has been one of the most popular resort towns in the United States and perhaps one of the most famous beaches on the East Coast. Many people think of Rehoboth as a place to visit for a week or a weekend, but it’s also a great place to be living. There is nothing quite like driving up to the Bayfront at Rehoboth and knowing you’re home. And there’s plenty to do when you live in this charming, easygoing beach town.

The Many Summer Attractions in Rehoboth Beach

The beach itself is, of course, the major attraction at Rehoboth. But there’s a lot more to do than just stretch out in the sun (although we’re not stopping you from that, either!). Locals and visitors alike love to stroll down the boardwalk, which easily tops any park or city street on the East Coast for the best dog walking, jogging or bicycling opportunities. Boating is popular in Rehoboth, as is fishing, and the whole family can enjoy a trip to the amusement parks. For a fun, free afternoon, try perusing the famous farmers’ market, which boasts live bandstand concerts on a regular basis.

When you live at Bayfront at Rehoboth not only do you get to enjoy the “beach” lifestyle that Rehoboth Delaware has to offer, but there are many attractions nearby that make it a great area to live!

The Vibrant Culture in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth is also a cultural center. It’s widely known for its festivals, with the popular Autumn Jazz Festival happening just as the beginning of fall starts to cool things off. That’s not the end of the season, though: the Sea Witch Festival is Rehoboth’s tribute to Halloween, and features not only costumes, candy, and the occasional fright, but also a fast-paced Fiddler’s Festival. The event lights up the whole bayfront at Rehoboth.

Off-Season Excitement in Rehoboth Beach

Even though it’s a beach town, Rehoboth doesn’t slack off in winter, either. With its picturesque streets, Rehoboth is the perfect place to celebrate the holidays. Holiday parades meander through the town and residents gather in the local pubs and restaurants to enjoy a warm fire or a hot meal. As spring rolls around, Rehoboth comes alive—everything from the Chocolate Festival (you can’t go wrong with that!) to Restaurant Week.

This is really just a sampling of the many events, festivals, activities and traditions that locals enjoy at Rehoboth. If you’re considering moving anywhere in Delaware, put Rehoboth at the top of your list. The Bayfront at Rehoboth offers not only a stunning view, but also one of the safest, loveliest, and most interesting home towns you could ask for.

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