What Could You Do With Your Savings?


According to the National Association of Realtors, the average amount of money spent on repairs in the first 10 years of new home ownership is $8400. That’s $70/month. But an Insight Home owner doesn’t face those costs.

Insight Homes are warranted against structural defects for 10 years. Our HVAC system is warranted for 10 years for parts and labor, and windows are warranted for a lifetime for parts.

So what could you do with an extra $70 per month?

In one month you might be able to…

Play an extra round of golf

Drive a nicer car

Save that money for 3 months and you could…

Take the family out for a nice meal

Treat yourself to an entire day at the spa

In 6 months, you could...

Go away for the weekend

Buy those ridiculously expensive designer shoes you keep Googling

Save up for a year and you could…

Buy a new TV

Get an awesome audio system for that TV

In 3 years...

Take the family on a Disney vacation

Get a new furniture set for the living room

In 5 years...

Take a luxury 2-week Mediterranean cruise

Get an above ground pool

So while $70 doesn’t sound like a lot, if you lived in an Insight Home, you could take that $70 and put it toward much more.