Winter Home Tips


Although we are looking ahead to spring and warm weather, we still have a few more weeks left of winter.  Here are 4 winter home tips to keep your home warm and safe in the cold months.

Insight Homes' owners: The tips below that pertain to energy savings may not apply to you since our homes were engineered and built from the ground up to overcome the issues that exist in other homes. Lucky you🙂

Reverse ceiling fans

You probably only think about using your ceiling fan in the warmer months, when it spins counter clockwise and the airflow creates a wind-chill effect, making you feel cooler.  In the winter, reverse your fan so it spins clockwise. This produces an updraft, which forces warm air near the ceiling down into the room space.  According to Delmar Fans, this can save you up to 15% on heating costs.

Avoid frozen pipes

During cold spells, keep cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate around pipes, particularly those in the kitchen and bathroom. Keep a slow trickle of water flowing through faucets connected to pipes that run through unheated or unprotected spaces. If your house will be unattended during cold periods, consider draining the water system.

Remove snow from outdoor vents

Before a snowstorm, make sure to locate your outdoor air-intake and exhaust vents. When you’re outside shoveling the driveway, make sure to also clear these vents to prevent the system from stalling and, more importantly, prevent carbon monoxide from the exhaust being forced back into your home.

Clean your gutters

Clear gutters of all leaves and debris before snow and ice begin to accumulate. Wet leaves will clog the gutters, and wet, frozen leaves in the downspout can create a big problem.

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