Energy Efficiency: Duct Leakage

It doesn't matter how efficient your HVAC system is if you have it paired with inefficient duct work because that's just money wasted. In fact, typical homes lose 25% of the air from heating and cooling due to leaks in the duct work! Think about every energy bill you pay: 25% of it goes to heating and cooling you'll never feel and after a whole year of that, it can add up. However, that is not an issue in an Insight Home because we pressurize and test each duct system in all of our homes to lose no more than 3% and we can guarantee it.

The duct work in an Insight Home is eight times better than other homes and it's actually the best in the industry. Combining the duct work to the York Affinity Series HVAC provides you with ultimate comfort because duct leakage is nominal. When you take a look at the bigger picture that includes all of the other energy efficient components that come standard in an Insight Home, you'll be happy to know your energy bill will be less than $100 per month. The monthly energy bill even includes times during the winter and summer.

We put a lot of thought into our duct work because most people don't even think twice about it and now you can understand how important it can be. Check out the clip so you can see the inner workings of our duct systems that are in our new homes in Delaware. If you want an affordable, energy-efficient home that is situated in a desirable location, contact us today at (302) 956-9337.

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