Indoor Air Quality: MERV-13 Filters

Any homeowner can be guilty of opening windows to let fresh air in, but that fresh air can be filled with airborne contaminants that can affect your health - not to mention, it can make it worse for allergy sufferers! However, when you live in an Insight Home, you can rest assured that you are breathing in true fresh air. Every Insight Home comes with MERV-13 air filters that can improve your indoor air quality. No longer do you have to worry about breathing in pollen, pet dander, dust, dirt and other allergens because these filters will take out 97% of those contaminants.

While you can breathe easy in an Insight Home, you can also easily access the air filter panel. We have engineered an access panel in an interior wall because it makes it easier for homeowners to replace their air filters regularly. Other homebuilders will place air filters in the attic which can be a problem for some homeowners to access, so we have eliminated that issue and put it within an arm's reach. That's an Insight Difference!

Additionally, MERV-13 filters have 20 times more surface area than a standard air filter, allowing for greater filtration and less frequent replacement. With this filtration system, homeowners only have to replace the filter twice a year compared to the industry average of every three months. But, for the first year, Insight Homes will make those replacements for you - now that has value written all over it! How many more reasons do you need to find a new home in Delaware? Watch this video to learn more information about our air filtration system and contact us at (302) 956-9337 to find your dream home today!

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