Indoor Air Quality: Central Vacuum

Can you count how many vacuums you've bought over the years for your home? If you think about it, all those vacuums can add up and none can ever be considered a long term, permanent solution because they may lose suction and power over time. However, when you live in a new home in Delaware built by Insight Homes, you get the added convenience and luxury of a central vacuum system. Not only will it save you money and time but our central vacuum systems will help improve indoor air quality.

According to the EPA, the indoor quality of a typical home is two to five times worse than that of an average city! If you're wondering how that is possible, well, cities have the benefit of rain that can wash away pollutants from the air and streets but a home can only do so much. Vacuuming seems to be the solution to lessen pollutants but according to the American Lung Association, most of the particles we breathe pass right through a vacuum bag or filter. With that being said, it's a never-ending cycle where a traditional vacuum will kick up all those pollutants over and over again. But the central vacuum system in an Insight Home has the vacuum canister mounted in the garage. And any particles or pollutants that make it passed the vacuum canister in the garage are vented and exhausted outside.

The central vacuum system is truly an Insight Difference and is found in every new home we build in Delaware. With all the innovative amenities and energy-efficient features that come with an Insight Home, isn't it time you start looking for a new house? To learn more about our central vacuum system and to speak with an Insight Homes representative, contact us at (302) 956-9337.

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