Energy Efficiency: On Demand Hot Water

No matter where you have lived, everyone has experienced that long wait time for hot water to come out of the faucet! Whether you're waiting for the shower to warm up or simply need warm water in the sink, it can feel like it takes ages to get hot water when you need it. A few reasons for this common problem include the use of single water lines, inefficient water heaters and weak water pressure.

Now imagine living in a home where you could have hot water almost instantaneously through an on-demand water heater? When you turn the kitchen faucet to hot - you'll get hot water. When you need to take a quick shower - you'll get hot water. Do you get the picture? While waiting for hot water doesn't seem like a big deal, if you think about the amount of time you actually wait, it really adds up. To save you time and to give you extra convenience, Insight Homes provides every new home in Delaware we build with an On-Demand Water Heater!

The system functions just like its name: on-demand hot water. It can deliver hot water without a long wait time to any faucet or appliance in your home. Additionally, the system will save you 60% or more on your utility bill when compared to a standard water heater and it lasts much longer. Learn more about an energy-efficient On-Demand Water Heater by watching this video! If you want an energy-efficient, new home in Delaware with this standard feature and so much more, contact Insight Homes at (302) 956-9337.

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