A Superior House, at a lower cost

A superior house, at a lower cost

Super Efficient

  • Home is guaranteed to be within the top 1% of energy-efficient homes in the nation
  • Continuous hot water heating system that saves up to 60% in energy costs
  • Highly efficient gas furnace converting 97 cents of every dollar spent as useful heat
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances that use 20-30% less energy
  • LED lighting that uses 70% to 80% less electricity than CFL lighting
  • 8 times less (<3%) duct leakage than the average house (average house is 25%)
  • High energy efficient windows that block 93% of solar heat (Low-E only blocks 45%)
  • Most efficient rating available (up to 20 SEER) for air conditioning unit
  • Dense pack blown insulation eliminates energy-wasting voids and air gaps

Unbelievably Affordable

  • Offered at a lower cost per square foot of homes showing lesser features
  • Many upgraded features are standard, including:

- Granite kitchen countertops
- Ceiling fans in major living areas
- Pendant lighting in kitchen
- Recessed lighting
- Hardwood flooring in foyer
- Wider door casing and baseboard trim

Perfectly Healthy

  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints that do not emit significant pollutants and are virtually odor free
  • Particles from central vacuum bag are sent outside and away from your house
  • Filters (MERV 13) that catch up to 97% of dust and dirt particles (typical house catches 60-80%)
  • Fresh air system continually pulls in fresh air and is spread evenly throughout the home
  • Carbon monoxide detector alerts you of dangerous levels of the odorless, colorless and toxic gas
  • Green fiber carpeting manufactured without materials that generate airborne poisons

Easier to Maintain

  • Carpets made from food-grade plastic bottles; stronger means less wear and tear
  • Air filters located in the interior walls (not the attic or basement) that only need to be changed every 6 months
  • Fiberglass front doors eliminate rusting that occurs with metal doors
  • Granite standard in kitchen; less damage to countertops
  • Paint used on all trim is highly durable and scrub-able
  • Longer lasting lighting (6-10 times than standard incandescent lighting)
  • Water heater with an average life 3 times (24 years) the average water heater

Ridiculously Cheap to Own

  • Electric bills that are on average 30% less than a comparable ENERGY STAR® home
  • Warranties that surpass what the average builder offers

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