Superior Structure: Floor System

No one likes walking on creaking and squeaking floors because it's just a noisy annoyance. Typical home flooring systems have numerous seams and joints where those sounds come from if you step on them. The problem starts at the seams and trying to eliminate them can be a challenge because you can't find lumber that is as wide or as long as a home. However, at Insight Homes we have developed a flooring system that rids the floor of seams and joints.

We specially designed and engineered I-beam joists that can span to a length of 50 feet without a joint or seam. And when we eliminate the joints and seams, we eliminate the creaks and squeaks! Also, the joists are stronger and straighter, giving you solid floors all throughout your home. Is that music to your ears?

Watch our clip to see the I-beams under the house and you'll be impressed! Not many new home builders in Delaware use this type of superior flooring system due to its higher cost. We are waiting for you to contact us at (302) 956-9337. Insight Homes... it's just a better house!

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