Energy Efficiency: York HVAC System

Think all HVAC systems are created equal? Think again! Keeping your home comfortable can be costly with an inefficient, poorly-designed system. However, when you live in an Insight Home, you get one of the best HVAC systems on the market, from York! This system uses the latest energy-efficient technologies that can save you money and keep you comfortable, all year round! Even in peak summer and winter months where temperatures are extreme, Insight homeowners have utility bills that cost $100 or less per month because of the efficiencies of this system.

The York Affinity Series HVAC System is a standard feature in every new home in Delaware built by Insight Homes! It provides you with maximum comfort with maximum savings because it uses an intelligent operating system that controls its fan speed - where traditional HVAC systems just have an on and off switch. The York Affinity Series HVAC System has an industry-leading variable fan speed which allows the system to operate at different speeds to evenly distribute comfortable temperatures throughout your home. Additionally, the system comes with an easy-to-use HD touchscreen controller that can automatically adjust every function of the HVAC and even self-diagnosis problems if there ever should be one. It is also web-enabled, with a handy app that you can use right on your smartphone!

Watch this video to learn more about the system and contact Insight Homes at (302) 956-9337 for more information. Insight Homes... it's just a better house!

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