4 Reasons Building a Home in Delaware May Be Better than Buying One

Delaware is a beautiful state with a strong economy, drawing lots of new residents. But many of those new arrivals are finding that it’s better to look for home builders in Delaware than existing homes. Why? Here are four reasons that new construction may be the smartest choice:

1.  Have it your way – Time and again, this is the number one reason that people choose to build their own new homes. When you purchase an existing home, you get a property that, for the most part, can’t be changed. The power of renovation, repainting and landscaping only goes so far, and even the smallest renovations can become expensive surprisingly fast. A few home buyers will luck out and find the house they’ve always pictured but, for the most part, buying an existing home means compromising your vision. On the other hand, home builders in Delaware can offer virtually any style, design or floorplan you’re looking for, in the materials you prefer. That customizability alone is a huge reason why building new may be better.

2.  Fewer repairs! – When you purchase a house, you also purchase its problem spots. Sellers can’t legally cover up major problems, but they may not know that the water heater is about to die or that the roof will leak in the next storm. Plus, even when potential repairs are disclosed, many home buyers have to suck it up and just accept them as-is. And in addition to major repairs, routine maintenance is also more burdensome on an existing house. Whether you plan to pay for a handyman or fix everything yourself, a new home is a lot less of a hassle.

3.  Getting a warranty – This is something no seller can offer, but many home builders in Delaware do. When you build a new home, most builders include a full warranty that’s good for at least a year and, in some cases, much longer. While a new home shouldn’thave any major problems, if there is one, this gives you the peace of mind that you didn’t pay for a lemon—something an existing home can’t offer. Plus, new homes come with new appliances, which will each be warrantied individually, typically for several years, outlasting the warranty on the home itself.

4.  Saving money – The fact is that the new construction market is sluggish at the moment, leading home builders in Delaware to offer discounts and financial incentives that home sellers don’t offer. Plus, builders have the ability to offer concessions and bargain down where home sellers couldn’t—the small hit in price to them is spread out over many jobs. When you build new, you may just get more house for your dollar. Check out our blog post on the cost of building a home in Delaware for more information.

What are you looking for in your new home?