Buying a New Home in Delaware?

Gorgeous beaches, tax advantages, endless entertainment and a good education system – these are just a few of the many reasons that people choose to make Delaware their home.

While buying a new home in Delaware is exciting, the many steps involved in the process can be time-consuming. One of the most important steps is qualifying for a mortgage. Most home buyers take out a mortgage, which allows them to borrow the amount they need to buy the home and then pay the amount back over time. To determine if you qualify for a loan, here is what a lender will consider:

  • Income– A steady income demonstrates to lenders that you have the capacity to pay back your mortgage loan.
  • Work History – Lenders will look to see that you have been working continuously for two or more years. A history of steady employment demonstrates to lenders that you are financially responsible and can afford a home in the long term.
  • Credit History and Score – Your credit can impact your ability to qualify for a mortgage at all, as well as raise or lower your rate. Find out what your credit score is before you begin looking for a home: the higher it is, the lower your interest rate will be, and the lower your payments.
  • Current Lifestyle and Future Plans – While a steady income, good credit score, and solid work history are the best ways to qualify for a mortgage, don’t forget to take your current lifestyle and future plans into account. What are your current living standards and are there any major expenses that will impact your budget now and in the future?

Once you have qualified for a loan, you can begin the exciting search for a new home in Delaware!

The Insight Difference

Consider looking into options from Insight Homes because you get standard features that the other guys charge as upgrades! Not only will you be living in a home that has top-notch amenities but Insight Homes cost considerably less because of their energy efficiency. The majority of current Insight Homeowners pay monthly energy bills around $100 during the entire year and that includes in the middle of summer and winter!

Another benefit of choosing an Insight Home is the way we build. Since home buying is a long-term investment, you want your house to withstand the test of time and the test of Mother Nature. Unlike other home builders, Insight Homes are structurally stronger because they incorporate advanced framing. Traditional homes have interior wall studs that are placed 16 inches apart with roof trusses spaced 24 inches apart. What this means is that the roof trusses and wall studs don’t support each other efficiently.

The Insight Difference with advanced framing makes both the studs and the trusses line up together at 24 inches, calling for a structure that is fully supported and more sound. In addition to enhanced support, 2 by 6 framing lumber is used which calls for even more strength and more room for insulation – saving on energy costs.

So when you begin the adventure of searching for a new home in Delaware, choose Insight Homes for the best value. Did you know that Insight Homes appraise for more than their purchase price? You read that right! Due to all of the extras that come standard with the home – about $65,000 worth of goodies – you’ll be making a smart investment. We are a different kind of home builder because we truly care about our customers. We don’t want to exhaust your budget which is why we include such great value at no extra cost. Try seeing if the other guys can do the same. Choose Insight Homes – it’s just a better house!