How to Prep Your Patio for Fall

Fall isn’t here yet, but the stores already have Halloween candy on display. Just in case you wanted to get a head start on prepping your Insight porch or patio for the Fall, we’ve got you covered! No matter what Insight home you are in, likeThe Abbott,The Vandelay, orThe Drake, here are some tips and tricks to follow to get it ready for the upcoming season:

1. Switch Over to Fall Annuals
Adding annuals in containers to your patio is a great way to liven it up with a pop of color, freshness, and wonderful scents. Since they only live for one year and don’t come back the next growing season, it is best to keep annuals in containers rather than in the ground because it is less work and mess to replace them. It’s time to switch over your other annuals with somefall annuals, such as golden asters.

2. Clean Patio Furniture
This may be a pain to do, but it’s vital to keeping your furniture looking nice. Cleaning your patio furniture properly will differdepending on the material. We recommend waiting for one of the cooler days to do this particular task, or doing it early in the morning before the heat strikes.

3. Switch Out Colors
Switch out the summer colors for darker woods to really set that Fall feeling. Add in a fire pit and othercomfy-cozy furniture piecesthat make your patio enjoyable on crisp and cool Fall nights with the family.

4. Cover Up!
Purchase sturdy, weather-resistant patiofurniture covers. This will help make it easier to clean the furniture between seasons and protect the integrity of your patio pieces. Not only that, but it extends the life of your furniture.

5. Decorate- It’s the Little Things!
As we start to get closer to the fall season, you can deck out the porch or patio of your Insight home with festive accents, such as pumpkins or one of theseDIY Fall wreathson your front door. TheHistoric Lewes Farmers Marketand theRehoboth Beach Farmers Marketare great places to scope out Fall decor. The smallest fall accents can have a big impact, so here is where you really get to explore a lot of festive options that make you feel at home.

If you get a head start and follow these tips, your Insight patio will be prepped for fall in no time and will be the envy of your neighbors. What’s even better is that all that hard work will pay off when you are sitting out on your Insight porch or patio surrounded by the laughter of your friends and family on a cool Fall night. Happy prepping!