Insight Homes, the top energy-efficient new home builder in Delaware, is taking it to the next level by including FREE Solar on all new builds!

A new era of home building has arrived:

Insight Homes has revolutionized the game by providing FREE solar on all new builds, effective on all new contracts signed after August 1, 2023.

The future is now at Insight Homes, where all new home builds will feature a 5,000-watt solar panel package. Not only does this innovative technology harness the power of the sun; it also helps homeowners save on their energy bills. Plus, new homeowners will receive a $5,000 tax credit!

Insight Homes' founder, Rob Lisle, is on a mission to build the most energy-efficient homes possible. He's pushing boundaries once again with their latest project, seamlessly blending design with science. Lisle says, "This is just one step closer to totally Zero Energy Ready Homes". His passion for energy-efficiency is evident in every home built by Insight Homes, inspiring other builders in the state to follow suit.

Insight Homes is among the top 1% of all builders in the country, recognized and awarded by the United States Department of Energy multiple years in a row as a leader for extraordinary levels of excellence in efficiency, build quality, durability, comfort, and environmental health.

Energy-efficient homes with stunning designs and unbeatable quality? That's Insight Homes.

Not only is Insight Homes an industry leader in sustainable design, but they're also redefining home design and style. Their energy-efficient homes are as beautiful as they are functional. It's Just a Better House isn't just a tagline, it's the culture of Insight Homes.

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