Is Delaware a Better Place to Live than Philadelphia?

 Recently, there has been an increase in longtime Philadelphians looking to move out of the city or leave behind southeast Pennsylvania altogether. And you might (or might not) be surprised where they’re going instead: Delaware. So what does Delaware have that Philly doesn’t, and why are more people moving to Delaware? Let’s take a look.

First off, it’s worth saying that neither place is truly “better” than the other and everybody has their own ideas on what makes an area a great place to settle down. There will always be people who prefer one place over another, but the fact is that there’s a sort of migration going on—and there are reasons for it.

Here are four of the things that draw Philadelphians and Southeastern Pennsylvanians to DE:

1.  Lower cost of living –This is probably number one for almost everyone who moves to Delaware. In terms of cost of living, Philadelphia is no Brooklyn—but it’s no Dover either. Delaware has long been the mid-Atlantic’s backyard and, despite amazing cultural centers and great cities, it retains a lot of undeveloped land and smaller communities. Even in Delaware’s metro centers, the cost of housing tends to run lower than equivalent pads in Philly, with cheaper nightlife and day-to-day expenses as well. Add in the fact that Delaware has no sales tax and you start to see some major savings pile up. That’s a win whether you want to live a modest, frugal lifestyle or are looking to move up to something luxurious without overspending.

2.  Safer –This may or may not be a factor depending on where in Philadelphia you live – but we all know that Philly has some of the East Coast’s most notorious bad neighborhoods, and still has high crime rates in many “nicer” neighborhoods as well. Delaware, on the other hand, has some of the most reassuring crime stats in the country, both in cities and smaller communities.

3.  Less crowded and busy –Philadelphia is loud and congested – a byproduct of the fact that it’s the fifth-largest city in the country, by population (and the sixth-largest metro area). That means long commutes, which is a huge drain on your time and a source of stress to boot. Delaware’s cities have bustling urban downtowns that are perfect for navigating by foot, but they tend to be more accessible from outside, with shorter drives and less traffic. There’s definitely an urban vibe in any of Delaware’s cities, but without the level of crowding that typifies places like Chicago and Philadelphia.

4.  The ocean and the beaches –Philly isn’t far from the ocean, but getting there from the city can be a drag. Delaware, on the other hand, has some of the East Coast’s most famous beaches, with Rehoboth Beach being the best known. There are communities both big and small a stone’s throw away from the water.

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