The Case Against The Tiny House

There’s a trend taking place in the home buying world. Tiny Houses! Thanks to home improvement channels and lifestyle blogs, there’s now an allure to living in a tiny house. However, there are important questions to ask about tiny homes that may prov […]


The Perfect Beach Picnic

We’ve got a few tips and tricks for a fun day of play on your favorite Delaware beach. Before you hit the sand this summer, double check your list and make sure you've got these must-haves for an exciting day on the shore. Pack your bags and hit the […]


Sunset Cruises and Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse Tours

Just thirty minutes away from Insight Homes' Springtown Farms community, at the tip of Cape Henlopen State Park, is the Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse. Known to watermen as marking the entrance to the Delaware Bay, the lighthouse sits at the end of a […]